Final Promo Piece

Forever Walkers

This is a miniseries I'm illustrating, written by Scott Grunewald, publisher of the online magazine, PopImage. I'm currently pencilling the first issue, but you can take a peak at some sketches and promotional art for the piece. (Each is a "remix" based on the original promo sketches.)

"Streets of Fire Remix"

"Hatsumomo Neon Silk Remix"

"Mizuage Auction Block Remix"

-View the orginal Sketches


The following will be available shortly...
(I'm still uploading and coding it.)

Fellow comic book creators and fans contributed the following variations over at the Combustible Muse Assembly forum on Delphi:

Red Spiral

by Antony Johnston
Fire Neon Pop
Hatsumomo Alien Skin
Mizuage Simplicity
Minty Space Cakes
Chocolate Mint Space Cakes(mild)
Regular with Shrooms

by Martin Redmond
Retro Eighties Pop 1
Retro Eighties Pop 2

by Mike Tomasulo

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